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Wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and bespoke dressmaking services including male tailoring & all alterations and repairs

For dressmaking services tailored to suit your needs, contact The Sewing Rooms, bespoke dressmakers in Putney.
Bespoke dressmaking

Bespoke dressmaking

Let your dreams run wild! Anything is possible!

At The Sewing Rooms in Putney, we have a wealth of experience in bridal wear, evening dresses, coat and jacket construction - including male tailoring, special occasion wear and christening outfits to name but some of the projects we have created here.  
Experienced dressmakers

Experienced dressmakers

With years of experience, not only in dressmaking but in styling, fitting, colour matching, accessories, jewellery and much more, we will do all we can to ensure your experience of bespoke dressmaking is not only in tune with your individual style and needs, but is great fun too. 

For an initial consultation where we will discuss your ideas, explore fabrics, possibly take some measurements and explain your options and our quotes to you – there is no charge. Should you decide to go ahead with us, we will ask for a deposit relative to our estimate for the completed project.
At a price you can afford

At a price you can afford

For our expert designing, fitting and dressmaking service we charge the hourly rate of £30-£35 plus VAT. All quotes will be based upon these rates and will take into consideration fitting and construction time. All fabric and notions will be charged on top.

Please note that appointments are required for all consultations and fittings. As a general rule we would ask for 6 – 8 weeks’ notice on all bespoke work, however we are happy for you to enquire if we are able to turn things around in a shorter time frame. 


Too tight? Too short? Too long? Too loose? Too broken? Too old fashioned? Too dated?

Whatever you need doing to ensure your favourite clothes show you at your best – we can do it, including men's suit tailoring, wedding outfits and evening wear.

Our team have a combined experience of over 40 years of alteration work and are thus highly skilled and innovative in their approach. Whether it be redesigning, combining two existing garments, or simply hemming, taking in or letting out, we can advise you on the best course of action. 
Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Work is accepted by appointment only so that we can discuss the alteration, fit garments to you ourselves, and explain your options and our price estimates for each job. Appointments are free of charge and you are welcome to consider your options before leaving work with us if this suits you. 

Our hourly rate for alteration work is £30.00 to £35.00 plus VAT and we will always give you a quote for a job based upon the agreed rate.

In some cases (detailed bridal or evening wear) we may ask for a deposit towards the total cost and the hourly rate can be different - (£30 to £35 plus VAT.)
Points to bear in mind

Points to bear in mind

Please be aware that all prices are subject to change depending on:
  • Style
  • Fit
  • Fabric
  • Construction of the garment.
Simply call The Sewing Rooms in Putney on 020 8780 0126 or email to make an appointment on any day, except Sunday and Monday when we are closed. Tuesday is our late-night opening (until 8:00 pm).

Top tips for fittings

When coming for hemming jobs it is advised that you wear, or bring with you, the shoes you would be wearing with the garment. For fitted bridal and evening wear we recommend that you consider what underwear is suited to the dress as this can affect the fit too. We are happy to advise you on suppliers and stockists should you so require. 

Contact The Sewing Rooms, bespoke dressmakers in Putney.
Need a wedding dress or mother of the bride dress? Contact The Sewing Rooms in Putney

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